Your complete plastics identification solution

Plastic sorting made simple

Now available!

Rapidly identify plastics and polymers in a small and rugged package that requires no technical expertise to operate.


  • Very quick

  • Cloud-enabled

  • Versatile

A scan takes less than 2 seconds.

Gain extra insights into your data.

Identify major plastic types, and add your own specialty polymers.


The video shows the previous revision - we'll upload a video of the latest version soon!

With PlasTell, you make use of industry standard infrared analysis techniques and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms in a highly accessible and robust package.


Control your PlasTell from either the simple physical interface or with a dedicated mobile app.


Need your plastics sorting sorted?

Order your PlasTell device now!



For pricing, customisation options, lead time and total cost estimate, please request a quote!

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