A small and low-cost plastics identification instrument

Based on machine learning and infrared spectroscopy, our innovative device makes it possible to sort plastics efficiently anywhere, anytime.

Fast and simple to use


The plastics can be sorted like a supermarket checkout.


Place the plastic item over the detector - our automatic algorithms and cloud-based analysis takes care of the rest - and tells you what it is.

See how it works -

How it works



1. The sample is placed on the sensor and the machine acquires its spectrum which is like a unique fingerprint for each plastic.

2. Our special cloud-based machine learning algorithms immediately identify the sample material. 

Enough talking, have a look!



PlasTell is


  • quick - one measurement takes 0.5-3 seconds

  • versatile - can identify all the major plastics (PET, PVC, PE, PP, PS) and can be customised to also recognise other types

  • lightweight - with a mass of only 1.5 kg you can take it with you anywhere 

  • low-cost - contact us with your requirements ;)

  • cloud-enabled - gain additional insights into your data using our cloud interface

  • integratable - with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and a simple HTTP API

  • almost ready - European beta testing already in progress with a full release planned for Q3 2019