Your complete solution for

plastics identification

PlasTell is


  • very quick - one identification takes less than 2 seconds

  • super-easy to use - no PhD required, just turn it on!

  • versatile - can identify all the major plastics (PET, PVC, PE, PP, PS) and can be customised to also recognise other types

  • lightweight - with a mass of less than 0.7 kg you can take it with you anywhere 

  • cloud-enabled - gain additional insights into your data using our cloud interface

  • integratable - with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and a simple HTTP API (coming soon)



Our innovative sorting workflow


The plastics can be now sorted like a supermarket checkout.


Place the plastic item over the detector and our machine immediately tells you what it is.



How it works




1. The sample is placed on the sensor and the machine acquires its  near-infrared spectrum which is like a unique fingerprint for each plastic.

2. Our special machine learning algorithms immediately identify the sample material. 

Enough talking, have a look!

(the video show the previous version, we'll update it soon)

Need your plastics sorting sorted?


PlasTell is now available for purchase! After the latest re-design, the approximate price is only £849, excluding taxes, duties, and shipping. For a lead-time and total cost estimate, please request a quote!